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The EA Bonsai Quant PRO strategy is based on technical analysis, using the concepts of a SIE – Structured Intelligence System.

This strategy is equipped with a series of security triggers designed to protect against excessive losses, such as reduction control. Its main objective is to maintain balance in open operations, closing batches and applying margin blocks before opening new positions or starting new cycles and assets.

One of the distinctive features of this EA is its ability to calculate results intelligently, adapting dynamically to market conditions in real time. EA Bonsai Quant PRO has 12 different types of selected and structured strategies that interact with each other. It always operates within a Hedge SIE (Buy and Sale) structure with a Structured Intelligence System, which guarantees greater security.

The EA operates on 12 FX assets simultaneously, all selected and structured to obtain the best return on market entries and exits. Each of these strategies has position filters that consider multiple time frames, providing greater flexibility and precision in commercial decisions. Furthermore, the strategy is supported by extensive retrospective solidity tests, carried out over a period of 20 years (2003 to 2023), which demonstrate its effectiveness and solidity over a long period of time.


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Optimized with 20-year Backtest with Tick History DukasCopy of 99% of the modeling.

Optimized with 20-year Backtest with Tick History DukasCopy of 99% of the modeling. With robustness test in: Quantitative Analysis, WFA, Monte Carlos, Multimarket, Distribution of specific parameters of each strategy and asset. With a historical window of up to 20 years (2003 to 2023).

Why trade with EA?

One of the main reasons why beginner traders fail is the emotional factor. It affects decisions, generates anxiety and significantly harms strategy. With an EA, you eliminate this risk.

EA entry and exit operations are executed immediately after the signal given by the strategy, performing various calculations, such as (depending on the strategy), the size of the lot based on the risk x profitability configured by the user.

With an EA automatically operating your strategy, you will be able to keep your job normally and/or have more peace of mind and free time for your family, friends, etc.

You will have several advantages by running your EA on a VPS (or Cloud/Cloud), such as not having to leave your PC on at home or at work, saving energy and avoiding being susceptible to power outages or Internet connection problems, in In addition to guaranteeing the rapid execution of orders.

With the MetaTrader 5 platform, you can test various parameters of your strategy, allowing you to create variations for different market times. It is also possible to perform optimizations to extract the best set of parameters in a given time interval.

The EA can easily monitor and trade multiple different strategies and assets at the same time in a single account. In this way you maximize your profits and reduce risks, taking advantage of the volatility of a greater number of assets.

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